Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Part 1 - Legends of the Old West, Necromunda, and Cake Shakes!

This year's travel to Adeption was relatively uneventful - the entire state of Illinois wasn't underwater this time around, so that meant that the flights were on time and there weren't any issues to speak of.
Illinois last year

Illinois this year
I arrived at Midway Airport on time and met Dave at baggage claim. We got our things, picked up our car, and we were on our way!
Lt. George Zip's SBD Dauntless - recovered from the bombing run over Daiquiri
Arriving at Adepticon on Wednesday evening, we checked in and received our swag bags. Victoria Miniatures gave out a not-Cadian female standard bearer and Black Library gave out a copy of Angel Exterminatus. I had already read the book, but Graham McNeill was there signing, so I had him sign my copy. Andy Smillie was also there signing - BL didn't give away any of his stuff, so he was sitting there twirling his pen. I felt bad, so I bought a copy of the Black Library Weekender 2013/2014 and
 he signed the story he wrote for the book. We wandered around for a while and checked out the bits for sale and went to Portillo's to grab something to eat. I got an Italian Beef sandwich, which was pretty good, and also picked up a "Cake Shake" (against the warnings of Matt Alix last year.) It's pretty much what you would imagine - they stick a piece of cake in a cup and pour a shake on top of it, then you suck it up with a straw. Yeah, it was exactly what it sounds like, and that's about all I can say...

Thursday brought us a lukewarm breakfast of toaster waffles and oatmeal packets - step up your game, La Quinta! Actually, I can't complain too much - we got a really good rate. I would appreciate a waffle maker on the next visit, though. Just sayin'.

Arriving at the Westin, we proceeded to our first event - Warhammer Legends of the Old West: Battle at Little Big Horn. I had never played the game or used the system before, but it is pretty easy to pick up. We had two groups - Custer and his command section, plus cavalry reinforcements, versus Native Americans. I had a group of Native Americans, and, unfortunately, they were not at one with their environment, as it took much of the game just to get them out of the woods. As a result, the Native Americans were not able to overwhelm Custer and his men before the cavalry arrived. History was rewritten, and Custer survived with his scalp intact.

All in all, it was a fun game, we got a little history lesson, and I think we are going to go back next year and participate in a Legends of the Old West tournament. Once I buy some wild west miniatures, that is...

After Legends, we went to lunch at Burrito Parrilla Mexicana - it was really, really good. The tacos were great, the refried beans had great flavor, and their horchata (rice water) was awesome. It was like they condensed the flavors of rice pudding into a drinkable form, and I was instantly addicted. I highly recommend this place if you're in the area.

Returning to the Westin, we went to our next game - Necromunda. The event was a little different than the standard campaign. Each table had special rules and events - freak electrical storms, hive quakes, monsters, etc. It was really fast paced and enjoyable for my first time playing Necromunda - Dave and I are planning on running a campaign sometime in the near future. I also won Best Painted, so that was a nice thing - I received one of the 40K Cities of Death building sets, so hopefully I can figure out a way to integrate it into Necromunda terrain.

Next post - Warmaster, Epic, and Loot!

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