Monday, February 22, 2016

Something's fishy - I've got crabs!

Two posts in 2015? Bleh. Let's try to do a little better in 2016, ok? Ok.

Don't confuse this with Kings of War, like I do. All of the time.

I'm currently working on a little non-GW related project for Adepticon - a Wrath of Kings Hadross faction. I plan on participating in the Intro level games, so I'm starting with the contents of a Starter box. What's cool about WoK is that you get 90% of what you need to need to play the game in a starter box. The only other things you need are a handful of 10-sided dice, a copy of the free rules, and possibly some markers (to mark effects or objectives.) If you hang out on Ebay, you can get into the game for under $35, with no reason to ever buy anything else (unless you want a larger game.) That's pretty awesome!

The faction I picked (due to there being far fewer boobs than in other factions) is Hadross. The elevator pitch is that their leadership made a deal with some "Water Elementals" (i.e. Demons/Aliens) and, as a result, their people receive the dubious benefit of resembling the contents of your local seafood buffet.

First up on the WIP bench is a Gutter Friar - yeah, the game is full of weird names like that, but I give Cool Mini or Not points for not going with the default Elves, Dwarves, and Humans that we've seen in a thousand other games.
You jelly?
 Next, close cousins of the Gutter Friars, the Sevridan Gutters.
Oh yeah, we're jelly...
 Finally, comes the Calith Reaver a.k.a "I have no idea how I'm going to put this guy on his base."
Welcome to the Krusty Krab!
I've only played one game so far, but the low model count, inexpensive buy-in and short (18 pages!) and simple (and free!) ruleset makes Wrath of Kings almost a no-brainer and a nice addition to my collection.