Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Specialist Games Day

Sunday, August 12 saw a Specialist Games Day at The Whiz in Westborough, Mass. There were games of Epic, Blood Bowl, Warmaster, Space Hulk, and Trafalgar (published by the now defunct Warhammer Historicals.) I played one game of Epic, which went horribly, and my first game of Warmaster.

For the Epic game, it was my Orks versus Black Legion Chaos. Unfortunately, my dice hated me, and I couldn't hit or make any saves for most of the game. For example: I would roll twelve dice in an attack, requiring fives or better. Everything would come up threes or worse. Nevermind trying to hit on sevens... I wound up getting a little disgruntled, but fortunately, my opponent Ruth didn't seem to hold it against me. I don't mind losing a game when my opponent is more skilled (i.e. most opponents) but to constantly lose due to terrible dice rolls is extremely frustrating.
The Warboss and his Krew move to take out a lone Chaos Terminator stand
Vultcha Skwadron makes a ground attack on the Decimator
Da Boyz
 On the brighter side, I was able to dive into Warmaster using my opponent Matt's Chaos army. I fought against his pure Goblin army, and this time, the dice were more conducive to an enjoyable game. I really enjoyed the game and found the rules to be less "crunchy" and more abstract than Epic, making it a more relaxed game. I've got my Tomb Kings and Orcs currently floating in a bath of Castrol Super Clean - hopefully the next time I play Warmaster, it will be with one of those armies.
The Chaos Army in all its glory
Facing the distant enemy
Giant Squig!
Trolls attack the Chaos Knights


  1. I read your article on bases and I'm wondering: since you're ordering bases anyway, why not base your infantry on 20x20mm, as in the good old days? I always found them more convenient than 10x40.

  2. I like the look of the strip bases better. In addition, models are waaay easier to paint when they're on a strip. You get those guys on a square base and you can't easily paint them.

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