Thursday, July 24, 2014

I've got wood!

What's this? A 12"x9"x3" box has arrived from the Isles of Britan!
What could be inside? A cake? A puppy? A puppy cake?

Necromunda-ish platforms!
In glorious technicolor!

Pages and pages! Well, four pages, anyway.

Wonderful smelling laser-cut wood!
I'm sure it's known to cause cancer in California.

More to come once I start assembling and painting (not necessarily in that order.)

I was kind of surprised the box was as small as it was. I guess I really shouldn't have been, since it is all flat-pack and doesn't take up much space in its unassembled form.

It is a little expensive - freaking shipping is atrocious at $42 USD. I can't blame the seller for that, as I know international shipping is out of control. I was able to "Make an Offer" though through Ebay, and paid $100 (plus shipping) versus $127 (plus shipping.) I should have made a lower offer to see what I could get it for...

For painting, I'm torn between "realistic" metal or trying to replicate the blue-ish silver from the original Necromunda set. We will see if I can get a good color match or not.