Thursday, March 27, 2014

Currently on the Bench...

I'm desperately trying to get my Epic Orks and Necromunda Escher finished up for Adepticon next week. I'll probably have paint drying as I'm running to the plane...

Escher Ganger

View of the base
I used the Forge World Zone Mortalis brass etched base toppers for the bases. My original intent was to steal borrow Ross' idea over on Yakromunda/Yaktribe. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or the original Necromunda deck plates to do paint checks. As a result, I went for a more gritty look. This was my first time using rust powders - the effect came out alright, but spread out a lot more than I intended. Gonna have to practice more with those suckers.

At any rate, the Escher are pretty much complete, so the remainder of the work is with the Epic Orks...
One Stompa, Two Stompa, Red Stompa, uh... Three Stompa?

Da Vulcha has landed!
I ran Orks last year at Adepticon, but this year I really didn't have time to do a completely new army. I am changing things up a bit though with the addition of a Stompa Mob, a Landa, and some Big Gunz (not shown.)

The Stompas need a little work on their bases, but they are essentially done. The Landa (actually an Ork Heavy Bomma) is also mostly complete - I just need to do some touchups and add the bay door with the Ork rolling out the bombs.

I just started the Big Gunz last night, and hopefully, they won't take too long to paint. I was trying to decide if I wanted to use actual Big Gun models or the Ork Heavy Weapon Boyz, and I went with the Boyz route. My Big Gunz are pretty poor casts, so I figured that the better sculpt would win out for this army.

The road to Adepticon continues!

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