Thursday, April 25, 2013

Warmaster at Adepticon 2013

Bookended by what has to be the worst travel experience of my entire life (long story - suffice to say avoid US Airways at all costs,) I had an enjoyable weekend at Adepticon 2013 in Lombard,IL.

We started Friday off, bright and early (well, 9 am, so not that early) with the Warmaster tournament. The tournament was slated to have six participants, but, sadly, only four of us showed up to participate.

My battles were against Dave's High Elves, Nat's Dark Elves, and Jordan's Tomb Kings. In the game with the Tomb Kings, I actually rolled fairly well and was able to beat the undead by points. All of the battles were enjoyable, and my dice rolling seemed to be a little above average (in other words, I wasn't rolling all ones and twos.)

One highlight was that my Chaos Army won the Best Painted award - that was a nice surprise! Of course, there was only a field of four, but I'll take my victories when I can!

The Dark Elves arrayed for battle

Tomb Kings cavalry prepares to advance

Tomb Kings versus High Elves