Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photos from NEAT 3

Stormtroopers deploy from their Valkyrie transports and take a building.

An infantry platoon attempts to eliminate the enemy threat and capture a small cluster of buildings.

Contact! Stormtroopers come under fire from a group of Eldar.

An infantry platoon, and their supporting rough rider squad, move across the ice floes to secure an objective.

The tank company opens fire on an Eldar Wraithlord.

The might of the Imperial Guard advances to liberate the city from the clutches of the xenos invaders.

Eldar grav tanks silently stalk through the deserted city.

Stormtroopers take the objective.

The tanks come under heavy fire from the foul Eldar weapons.

The alien Eldar advance toward the tank company.

The infantry platoon pours all its fire into the Eldar Avatar, sending it screaming back into the Webway.

The Avatar, in all its terrible glory.