Monday, December 2, 2013

Water, water everywhere... Man O' War base test

While waiting for the paint on my Dwarf Man O' War fleet to dry, I painted up a Man O' War test base. Unfortunately, the brush had a little too much white paint on it at one point, and my drybrush turned into a wetbrush and I wound up hitting more than just the wave crests.

Another poorly lit image!
All in all, I'm pretty pleased though. I used a fairly simple technique - plastic card cut to size, covered in a watered down (to about the consistency of thick yogurt or mayonnaise) wood putty.
The putty was spread in a thin layer on top of the card, then once it had firmed up a little bit, I began lightly laying my finger across the base, then lifting my finger up. The putty is slightly tacky and will pull up into peaks. I kept doing this until I thought the base looked "right" and set it aside to dry. This took longer than normal, since I had watered the putty down a bit, so I just let the base sit overnight.

Once the base had dried out, I coated it in some GW Regal Blue and drybrushed white on the wave crests.

The next step is to figure out how to easily sculpt a wake - I may put another layer of putty down over the first to make a more defined wake pattern. But first, I need to finish painting the Dwarf fleet!

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