Thursday, March 7, 2013

Da Orks is goin' to Adepticon, so deal wiv it!

Contrary to my previous post, I've decided to err on the side of caution and bring my Epic Orks to Adepticon instead of the Imperial Guard. I'm still in the process of finishing up my Warmaster Chaos army, and the remaining time to paint my Guard is dwindling (less than six weeks.) I've already got a lot of Ork stuff painted already, so rather than having to paint a full army from the ground up, I'll just have to add and paint a few units. Those additional units are as follows:
  • 18 Skorchas
  • 8 Trukks/Battlewagons
  • 16 stands of Stormboyz
  • 3 Objectives
I'm kind of stuck on what the objectives are going to be - I was thinking a crashed fighta-bomma for one, but the other two are eluding me. Maybe a Waaagh tower, based on the Dawn of War game, or something... I'd also like to add some additional details to the models, but that will certainly be dependent on the amount of time I have.

On the Warmaster front, I'm almost done with the Chaos army - I've got to finish a mounted Marauder unit and three heroes. Once they're painted, I can get some flock on all of the bases, and the Warmaster portion of my goal will be complete. So far, my Warmaster to-do list looks like this:
  • 1 General - Complete!
  • 1 Hero - Incomplete
  • 2 Sorcerers - Incomplete
  • 2 Chaos Warriors - Complete!
  • 4 Chaos Marauders - Complete!
  • 2 Ogres - Complete!
  • 2 Marauder Horsemen - Partially Complete
  • 2 Chaos Knights - Complete!
  • 4 Chaos Hounds - Complete!
  • 2 Harpies - Complete!
Sadly, tragedy befell one of my Harpy stands - a dog tail threw the stand across the room, where it got caught up in a stuffed dog toy and then crushed. I was able to repair the damage, but I need to touch up the paint on the models now.

I'll be charging up the batteries and getting some photos up after the weekend as well.

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