Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progress! (Well, a little bit)

I haven't been able to do as much as I intended to up to this point (car issues, etc.) but I do have some progress to report. On the Epic front:

  • I've based and primed all of the Imperial Guard troop stands for a 3000 point list
  • I've assembled and primed a company of Leman Russ tanks
  • I've assembled and primed a unit of Chimeras for the HQ section of the force
  • I've assembled and primed an artillery company of Armageddon-pattern Earthshakers
  • The Hydra and Sentinel units just need some touchups, and they're done
 As for Warmaster, I've had a bit of a change - instead of Tomb Kings, I'll be taking a Chaos Mortals army. I wound up getting a really great deal on a partially painted Chaos army (with case!) so I decided to go with the army I had a head-start with. I usually don't deal with other people's paint jobs, but in this case, the previous owner had done a really good job - the downside is that I'm going to have to try to replicate his work as closely as possible to keep everything coherent.

I'll wind up doing more painting than I would with the Tomb Kings (Step one: Spray white; Step 2: Wash brown; Step 3: Rejoice!), but Chaos is a harder hitting force that doesn't have as many subtleties as the Tomb Kings. Also, being inexperienced, I think it will be a better first army for me - at least I hope it will be!

So, that being said, I've got the remaining unpainted models primed and ready to go - next post, I'll try to have some photos!

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