Monday, June 7, 2010

Images from the front lines

Here are some photos of one of the games we had a couple of weeks ago at the Time Machine. My Guard are fighting Dave's Subjugators.

The Imperial Guard in all their glory!

An Armored Company and a supporting Warhound close with the enemy.

Marine casualties. With some lucky flak shots, I wiped out almost one-third of Dave's forces. Isn't there a saying about putting one-thirds of your eggs in one basket?

My dice rolls were not working out for me...

Another view of the battlefield.

Run away!

The Warhounds try to be sneaky...

Baneblades lumber across the war-torn landscape.

Unfortunately, even with taking out a third of my opponent's army in one fell swoop, I still lost. My dice were working against me, and Marines are a pretty tough army to beat. I still had a good time though. One day, the Emperor will smile upon the Guard...

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