Monday, October 10, 2011

To base or not to base, that is the question:

So I was able to piece together the mess o' tank parts shown in the previous blog post. I am missing quite a few of the hatches, but a fellow player can hook me up with replacements. Now my main sticking point is whether or not I base the vehicles.

Obviously, you base the infantry in Epic, since the models are so small. The vehicles, on the other hand, are usually of a manageable size, so basing is more of an aesthetic preference. I went out and spent a fist full of dollars on precut Litko bases and magnetic sheet, but now I am having second thoughts.

I kind of want the bases so I can more easily stage the models in a case, and the magnetic bottoms will help to keep them in place, but I really like the look of the unbased models on a table. Basing the vehicles kind of detracts from that suspension of disbelief you get when looking at a nice model on a good looking table (see the Direct Fire header photo at the top of the page.)


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