Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artillery - Primed and Ready!

Got some more assembly and priming done this weekend. I added a few more stands of Imperial Guard to bring me up to six full Steel Legion Imperial Guard companies. With the addition of a couple more stands, I can also field eight Baran Siegemaster companies or four Death Korps of Kreig companies. I think I have enough in the way of regular troops... The next troop project will be two companies of Stormtroopers. I tend not to use Ogryns or Support Fireteams, so they will probably be back-burner projects.

I also did up some self-propelled artillery, in the form of a company of custom Armageddon-pattern Basilisks. They will be replacing my Forge World Basilisk company. I like the Forge World models, but the barrels on the cannons are very thin and fragile - I've broken a couple in transit. The new models should hold up a bit better.

And in the towed artillery category, we have some Kreig Earthshakers. I haven't glued the barrels yet, so that's why they look less than elevated in the photo.

That's it for now - I'll probably get to the Chimeras and Russes next.

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