Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Epic Weekend in Pennsylvania

Last weekend, a thirteen of us headed to Bethlehem, PA, for a couple days of gaming hosted by the Bethlehem Resin team and Dragon Head Distributors. I only stayed for Saturday, but had fun nevertheless. We started off with a 4000 point per side battle - my Guard fought against a Space Marine army. For once, I actually won a game - well, kind of.

My opponent was suffering from a severe lack of sleep coupled with the fact that he was bringing his Marines down piecemeal using Planetfall. Unfortunately for him, this allowed me to concentrate on small units, rather than having to deal with the army as a whole. Adding to that, his intense focus on eliminating my Leman Russ company left me plenty of room to take objectives. He called the game at the end of the second turn, but it was pretty obvious that he would have had a hard time winning. I wouldn't have liked to continue to the bitter end, but I've been on his side of the table before - lack of sleep and bad dice rolls make for a crappy game.

The second game was a mega-battle of 8000 points per side - my Steel Legion Imperial Guard and a Slaanesh Chaos Space Marine army vs. Orks and a Elysian Drop army. Unfortunately, people were starting to get tired, had too much to drink, attention started to wander, etc. On our table, we only wound up getting about halfway through turn two before having to wrap things up so the store owner could close up shop. In retrospect, it probably would have been a wise idea to put time limitations on the players' decision-making process and possibly allowing both players on a side to move simultaneously. At any rate, a good time was had by all.

I didn't bring my camera, since I was embarassed by my unpainted army (I wasn't ready for the 4000 point requirement.) Dave (from The Epic Gamer blog) on the other hand got some photos - you can see my "winter themed" troops in the pics below. For more shots of actual painted armies, you can go to Dave's blog and check them out.

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