Friday, November 14, 2014

Sailing, takes me away...

Progress on the Bretonnian fleet continues:
Make sure your yards are straight before you attach your sails. Sigh...
Actually, I'm a little further along than the photo would lead you to believe. All but one set of Corsairs have sails and the only things remaining are to add pennants and attach to the bases and touch things up.

I drew up new sails in Photoshop and added a nice gradient to them for a little visual pop. Sadly, you can't tell that in the photo, and it isn't too noticeable in real life either. Bummer.

On the Buccaneers are some masts I had printed up at Shapeways. I think they came out pretty well - they're a little rough due to the material selection, but I think they are a good replacement for the impossible to get original masts.
All in all, I will have two Galleons, two squadrons of Corsairs (6 ships,) and four squadrons of Buccaneers (12 ships!) That's a lot of sails and pennants...

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